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13 May

To get to the aerobics classes, you must first pass sloganising banners

Fitness is a Battle: Welcome to the Front Line
something or other about bodies which aren’t somethinged: They’re Forged

And then they’re decorated by illustrations which probably started out as people, but really, do you really expect me to believe that a person naturally looks like that?

I don’t know whether they’re meant to inspire or intimidate, but what they do for me is make me think, over and over and over again,

“You’re the Olivia Newton-John of the future.”

(my, but it was hard to choose which video to include here, in the end I went with this one, because I especially like the crowd shots).

Which would have made for a short and witty blogpost, except that I went looking in youtube and found it had been covered by goldfrapp a band whose music is often on high rotation on my single-disc CD player.

So now I don’t know what conclusions to draw. Which doesn’t really matter, because the whole exercise has made me feel kinda sorta good about things.

I always did like Olivia Newton-John