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Yes, I do have better things to be doing with my time, I’m just not doing them right now

7 Feb

One of the emails that has arrived, is about the gazillionith reminder that my crikey subscription is about to expire.

I dunno. I think I’ll let it lapse.

I think I started the subscription when that beautiful little magazine that used to do the wrap up of the week’s media (what was that called I can’t for the life of me remember right now, though I’m sure there’d still be one stuffed under the lounge if I could be bothered going to look) folded, and one of the options for the remainder of my subscription was the crikey deal. Then, I think I renewed it, because there was a heap of free stuff offered, including a book which I thought I could give my dad for Christmas (ahem, sorry Dad). But now…I seem only to ever read the letters down the bottom, and sometimes the media section.

But if I don’t get my news from there, where will I get it? But then I think ‘well, I already know so little, could it really matter if I knew a little less?’.