in the shops

22 Dec

‘Yes, thank you, I think I will,’ says the young man who hands me the badminton set, but carries Christmas in the way that people do after a year which could only have been a little bit worse.

Unlike the woman who hands me two balls of wool and pair of needles (size 5) – in a bag which breaks before it is in my hand – who says ‘well, have a happy christmas if you can‘ in such a practised way that neither the woman next to me – nor I – know what to say or where to look, but wish each other Merry Christmas on the way out, and again when our eyes meet over the bookshop shelves.


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  1. Mikhela December 23, 2006 at 8:33 pm #

    That sounds devastatingly sad.
    Christmas – another tragedy of middle class proportions (to paraphrase a favourite blogger of mine).

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